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Kelly, Age 56

"Geoff mixes up routine to keep training interesting and fun! He knows when to push and encourage me, and doesn't let me get discouraged. Geoff helps me set realistic goals and celebrate success.  I am a stronger and healthier version of myself"

Sharon, Age 54

"I knew Geoff was the right fit for me as a trainer right when I met him.  He is great at recognizing weaknesses and making adjustments to ensure success.  He always used variety in our workouts to keep me engaged, and had me try new things like kettlebells, TRX and boxing.  He is a great motivator and always knew how to get more out of me every workout"

Diane, Age 59

"After two hip replacements and many years prior of limited mobility I decided it was time to get into shape.  Since working with Geoff I have gained strength, lost weight and increased my mobility.  He always modifies exercises to counteract my arthritic challenges and pushes me through my weekly whining. I have lost 22lbs and 9 inches so far and am looking forward to continuing the process" 

Richard, Age 62

"I knew very early I had made the right decision training with Geoff.  He is always very prompt, prepared my hour with him is all about me.  He has worked hard to change years worth of poor nutrition choices with positive solutions.  In just 9 months I lost 35lbs and continue to lose more"

Ellen, Age 39

"I had worked with many trainers, but have never really seen success.  Geoff focused not only on my training, but my lifestyle habits and in just over a year I lost 50lbs.  Our goal moving forward is to keep getting stronger and never go backwards!"

Neil, Age 46

"I had never been a workout guy in the past.  Geoff's ability to teach and motivate me helped me become more comfortable working out and begin enjoying the gym.  I lost 30lbs in 14 months working with Geoff and am working now to keep it off"

Yorke, Age 73

"During my time with Geoff I lost 22lbs, my eye twitch went away and I was able to get off my high blood pressure medication. I also successfully dealt with prostate cancer.  My surgeon and doctor agree my level of fitness was the determining factor in my success.  I attribute this to Geoff's commitment to my training" 

Heather, Age 37

"I began training with Geoff between my first and second child.  Being a father himself Geoff understood the nuances of juggling parenting and training.  Geoff is great at communication and always encouraged open dialogue.  He was constantly adding new and exciting movements to our programs to avoid plateaus and keep me motivated.  He is a fantastic and effective trainer"

Jeff, 41

"After having my second child I was overweight, unhealthy and needed a change.  I made a change to my diet and Geoff designed monthly programs for me to do at the gym.  In 8 months I lost over 40lbs.  He made things challenging and helped me stay accountable"

Jen, Age 36

"As a former athlete being overweight was tough and I knew I needed help.  Geoff helped me define my goal and created a plan to get the results I wanted.  Every month he changed workout plans and set new nutrition goals.  In 6 months with Geoff I lost 35lbs and I truly gained a friend"

Terri, Age 28

"When I met Geoff I was an unhappy mother of 3 with low self esteem and self confidence.  Over 9 months with Geoff I evolved into a strong, assertive and confident woman.  I lost 35lbs and got my life back! I am now living my best life and being the role model that my kids deserve.  I want to thank Geoff for his motivation and for always pushing me harder" 

Michael, Age 58

"Being a masters soccer player, I noticed my fitness level was decreasing every year.  Geoff helped me regain my stamina, strength and self image as an aging athlete.  Geoff is very knowledge and is always professional and personable.  Training with Geoff was such an excellent experience my wife started training with him as well"

Here is what clients have said...

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