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The "Home Workout" Guide To Success

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

So we are still in the middle of a pandemic. People are spending more time at home than they have their whole lifetimes. Like most of you, I have spent more time on Zoom in the last year than I have actually watching my television. But, that doesn’t mean we have to let ourselves become sedentary screen zombies. We still need to find a way to self encourage a healthy active lifestyle.

Since I was 17 I have always been a person who worked out at the gym. There was only a 2 month stretch after my son was born, when I started my Paternity leave that I actually worked out from home. Since that time I have purchased some equipment to make working out at home and abroad an option. But, I still preferred working out at the gym. So, when gyms closed down last March and I was stuck at home like everyone else, the “home workout” was my only option. Now, I have no problem with home workouts because I can check the 3 boxes for “home workout” success: Equipment, Time and Motivation. But, a lot of others aren’t as lucky as me.

Since last March I have been working with clients to become successful with working out from home. Some have been really successful and some have failed. No different than the outcomes in the gym really. But, over the last year I have come up with some a short list of factors that I feel are really vital to a successful “home workout”. Obviously things like motivation and time will still come into play, and let’s be honest, if you don’t want to workout, nothing is going to make you workout. So, this guide is more for the motivated public who still need a little guidance or a blueprint on best practices. So, here are the key factors I believe that will make your home the new gym…

Equipment - The first reason someone will tell you they can’t workout at home is that they don’t have any equipment, and if you are a heavy lifter or a body builder then I will agree with you. But, for the average person, even a properly constructed bodyweight exercise program can be challenging and show results. But for those who want more, there are some accessible workout pieces that won’t cost you $2000 like a peloton and are less likely to just become an expensive laundry hanger. The two best pieces I think every home gym needs is a TRX Suspension Trainer and a Kettlebell. The TRX will run you between $100-$250 depending on the style you want and kettlebells will range at about $1-2/lb depending on the size you want. The reason I suggest these two is that with either piece of equipment you can train the entire body. You can complete resistance training exercises with both pieces of equipment for every muscle group. They also take up very little space and the internet is littered with content of TRX and Kettlebell workouts. Most of my home clients have purchased one or both and their workouts have been more successful because of it.

Space - The key to this one is not that you need a lot of space, but you need to designate a space for your home workouts. This can get challenging with people who live in smaller apartments or condos, but I am not saying you need a full time home gym, just a 6x6 area that will be where you complete your workouts. Big enough that you can roll out a yoga mat, do a jumping jack or lay down and stretch out without hitting a wall or a couch. If you can designate a whole room then you are one of the lucky ones. Make sure (if possible) that whatever equipment you have is left in that space. So when it comes time to workout you are ready to go. If the weather is nice and you can designate a space outdoors then all the power to you. Get a tan and train all at once!!

Follow a program - This one comes up all the time in all my posts I feel like. In order to be successful in any component of training, I feel, it is crucial that you follow a plan. The ability to just start your workout without thinking of “what to do” makes the odds of being successful so much higher. You can find hundreds of body weight workouts online or apps to follow, but if you do have access to some equipment and still aren’t sure what to do then reaching out to a trainer who will design a program for you is your ticket to success. You might know 3 exercises to do with a dumbbell, but a qualified trainer with know dozens. They will be able to maximize what little you have. I have been doing this with clients for the past year and those who have followed the programs have seen success.

The benefit to training at home is that you are already there. You don’t have to pack gym clothes, drive to the gym, find a parking spot, change in a smelly change room, wait for equipment, then follow the process back to your driveway. Personally I have fallen in love with the flexibility that home workouts allow me to have and motivated by the level of success I have seen. Many of my clients have expressed the same affection with training at home now that they have been “forced” to do so, and many have said they will remain training at home even after gyms reopen.

If a year later you are still struggling with this process, but want to find a way to be successful working out at home please feel free to contact me and I would love to help.

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